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Company Profile

Company Name Accent Language Inc.
Description of Business A language education and technology company.
Date Founded November 6, 2008
Managing Director & Founder Ryan Ahamer

Location Shibuyabashi A Bldg. 5F, 1-15-16 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012, Japan.
Telephone 03-5422-8677
Major Projects OnePage the living textbook, cloud learning system
・Taking advantage of his own language learning experience Ryan Ahamer conceived and created OnePage in 2004.
Based on well-known principles such as Pareto’s 80/20, active learning, forgetting curve and spaced repetition learning, OnePage is a cloud system developed to effectively record the student’s lesson content and efficiently measure their progress, accessible from multi devices.

Accent Progress Levels of English Proficiency
・The Accent Progress Levels has been evolving since 2005 guiding students and teachers on their language learning journey. Based on internationally well known standards of English proficiency such as CEFR, IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL, it has has 9 levels, 5 criteria and 5 ratings.

Asia Pacific English (APE)
・With Net Frontier, a medium sized Japanese search engine marketing
company, created an offering specifically for Japanese doing business in Asia to learn practical business English.

Language Coaching Case Study
・Involved in an official case study researching the benefits of language coaching with colleagues Dimitris Zeppos from Hellenic Open University, Greece and Rachel Paling, Director at Efficient Language Coaching, Germany.

CRUZ - a language sharing app for the global market
・Developing a language education solution on IOS and Android.

Global Expansion – Accent Language Inc. & Efficient Language Coaching
・Currently working with Albion Franchise Acquisitions Ltd to develop business in the multibillion dollar English language market in the Asia Pacific region with Efficient Language Coaching.

・Influenced by his food and beverage background, Ryan started English at The Table so that people could gather at food and wine events in English as way of Japanese English students to enjoy their English skills.

Eloquent English
・Utilising his teaching and coaching skills, Eloquent English focuses on eloquent English communication, empowering students to become confident speakers.

Corporate Clients ExxonMobil
Nokia Siemens Networks
Mitsubishi UFJ
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
Veeva Japan
Treasury Wine Estate
Accent Style
Fukuda Kensetsu Corporation
Mission and Values Our mission:
To become a well known and trusted brand in language education.
Our Values:
・To continuously offer value in all manner and form.
・To strive for the optimum quality in everything we do, in the most efficient and effective way possible.
・To develop products and services that are of great utility.

Message from the Managing Director

I am very happy to be teaching and coaching English and empowering students to be able to use English to communicate for business or pleasure.

In Australia after graduating from an all boys private school in Queensland and representing the school and state in swimming, I studied at a pre-vocational school to become a chef; my love for creativity, food and wine being the major motivating factor. I really enjoyed cooking, finishing top of my class and winning some cooking competitions.

Wanting to understand the entire operation of the restaurant business I became a barman serving cocktails and espressos and it was here that I discovered the joy of talking to the customers, getting to know them and providing them with a memorable level of customer service. I soon became a waiter and manager of top cafes and fine dining restaurants.

During this time I also went to university to study marketing, majoring in advertising and international marketing with a minor in marketing technology, to apply this knowledge to the business side of operating a restaurant.

From a young age, I was always fascinated with technology and how it could improve one’s productivity. I also realized how internet technology could greatly influence society when it first was introduced in 1990s.

I did some programming in Cobol at high school and Visual Basic later at university but what I really enjoyed was using a WSIWYG editor to create websites on Macromedia’s (now Adobe) Dreamweaver. I enjoy graphic design so I also became familiar at using Photoshop and Illustrator.

I studied at university in both South Australia, Adelaide and Brisbane. Living on the Gold Coast was good, surfing, playing golf, mountain biking or playing tennis every other day because I worked in restaurants at night and went to university during the day. But the Gold Coast is small so I decided to go to Japan in 2002 to become an English teacher for a large language school.

Being a teacher is very similar to working in a restaurant. The language industry is a service industry much like the hospitality industry. In a restaurant you have waiters and various dishes from the menu, in a language school you have teachers and lessons from a lesson course menu.

As soon as I became an English teacher in Japan, it was the first time to experience having a job I would never get tired of. I would teach 7 days a week, go to different places around Tokyo and Kanagawa, get to meet other teachers from around the world and teach many Japanese from all walks of life, from seniors to children. I loved the job so much I decided to start my own language education company Accent Language.

With my love for technology and creativity, in 2004 I conceived and developed the first stages of what is now known as the OnePage - a cloud language learning system. I got this idea when I was a full-time Japanese student for two years. One of the most important factors when learning anything is revision and practice. I used to carry a small notebook with my essential notes from my Japanese classes, everywhere.

Thinking that my students could also benefit, I created an online student version of my notebook so that students could access and review their notes anytime, anywhere. Many students found this useful as a tool and together with my communicative approach to teaching and learning, and encouraging students to find the opportunity to use the language whenever possible and not be ashamed of making mistakes, like myself - we are currently using this system at Accent to improve the student’s English ability.

We are still improving the OnePage system and in the very near future this system will be available to the global market to be used in any language.

Thank you for reading. As I said I like to get to know people and learn from them. I hope to meet you soon, get to know you, and learn from each other about language and culture.

Welcome to Accent.

Ryan Ahamer