To increase my TOEIC score

I started going to Accent after it was introduced to me by my friend two years ago. Basically, I have weak English skills but I was always the better student in a big English conversation class before. The teachers at Accent offer customizable lesson materials, suggest ideas properly, provide support when I feel discouraged and encourage me to continue. I've been working on my TOEIC score which was needed when I changed my occupation. A teacher's assistance is necessary for me to improve! After I mentioned it to them that it should be incorporated in my lessons, I was able to attain the score that I've been aiming for, just last month. Lastly, the support of the teachers, the "review, homework, quizzes on my weak points that I need to concentrate during lessons and a commentary of each word from the beginning" also contributed in getting this result. It's hard to do it by myself. The direct comments I received about my questions and how they focus on my weak points in English were important above all else. With the utmost support of the teacher, I want to continue so I can improve my TOIEC score.

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