S.T.・Real Estate Developer

It's been six months since I started my English lessons with Accent. It was my trip to Singapore last year that made me start learning English.

After I retired from a domestic real estate company, I realized my lack of information when I had my first trip and traveled to play in a world-renowned golf course.As we all know, it is a must for a golfer to observe the customs and manners of each club, not to mention the play rules of the game.I thought that my English was enough, but I noticed that it wasn't at all. I might not even able to play at the world-famous 100-course if I have the chance.When I went back home and was looking for an English school I was introduced to Ryan, an English coach from Accent and started my custom lessons twice a week.To improve on my English phrases, expressions and corrections for the mistakes I made, the lessons were customizable according to my preference and guidance from Ryan, not as a teacher but as a coach.I have role plays with Ryan such as discussions about foreign cultures in case I will have a chat at the golf course. It's fun to talk about topics in English which are interesting and is my homework every day. I want to improve my speaking ability as soon as possible since this summer, we are planning to challenge the Pebble Beach which is longed for by golf players from around the world.

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