M.T.・Financial Institution

I want to study English because I am planning to play an active part in the global business scene in the future.

Anyway, my motivation is really high! Lecturers including Mr. Ryan Ahamer aim to make everyone understand the English lesson with objectives. I am studying English with the motive of playing an active part in the global business scene in the future. I was almost disheartened a lot of times in studying English by myself and almost lost sight of my goal. I increased my motivation by setting goals from various advice and able to take English lessons in some cases. Also, I felt that I can use it daily with practicality because good ideas such as "building communication confidence" was enforced. Furthermore, I have utilized different methods such as role plays and reading articles with a teacher who cooperates with me to address my demands and what I should work upon. Because I received proper attention in improving my English communication skills, I feel confident to study more and improve. In order to use English on a higher level, I will study with Accent Language and work on it.

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