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With the OnePage system, preparing and reviewing lessons are easy, paperless and accessible from the Cloud anywhere.

When paper is used, you need to open and return it every time I study my lessons, but with the OnePage system at Accent, it is ready and accessible from the internet by using a smartphone, tablet, and computer especially for a lazy person like me where I can review and prepare for my next lesson just by using a bookmark when I have the time to surf the web. OnePage is very efficient since I can use the online dictionary at the same time. The expressions and grammar among other key points taught during the lesson are recorded and can be reviewed on the internet just by using a browser on my tablet. Since there is no use of a notebook, a student can attend the lecture and focus with the lesson. The thing that I am grateful for is the assistance that I receive which I think is the best as a beginner who has little experience with note-taking. As expected, the words and phrases are recorded in a system where I can review passively which strengthens my vocabulary until I can memorize it aside from the review done during the class. I substantially like the OnePage system which is the epitome of Ryan Ahamer's passion for teaching.

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