Daisuke & Keiko・Husband and Wife・Yokohama

Ideal lessons for beginners! Made a Japanese speaking, Australian too.

Traveling abroad is one of our hobbies. I enjoy traveling abroad once a year, but I felt that it would be more enjoyable if I could communicate freely to anyone, especially the tour guide. I was thinking of taking English conversation lessons while I was browsing the web and coincidently found Ryan Ahamer and his ideas of making English learning easy. Since we don't use English that much, I felt uneasy just thinking about the idea of being a student even before I started. Surprisingly, it was easy.The lessons are non-conventional, the classroom atmosphere is cozy and the lesson contents are in line with my current level of English. Furthermore, Ryan's Japanese level is very good, recommendable for beginners. When I started the lesson, it was difficult but I understood why and I am still taking lessons. On my next trip, I want to travel without a tour guide, by myself.

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