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  • I choose Accent and I have three reasons why I still continue.”First reason, lessons are custom-made according to one’s needs. Personally, the type of lesson that uses a textbook couldn’t maintain my motivation for me. In addition, their OnePage system records the lesson contents clearly and since the feedback is precise, studying is stress-free.The second […]

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    K.S.・Creative・Walt Disney Japan
    K.S.・Creative・Walt Disney Japan,
  • I have utilized different methods such as role plays and reading articles with a teacher who cooperates with me to address my demands and what I should work upon.

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    M.T.・Financial Institution
    M.T.・Financial Institution, domestic major financial institution
  • The teachers at Accent Language offer customizable lesson materials, suggest ideas properly, provide support when I feel discouraged and encourages me to continue.

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    Y.K., foreign-affiliated drug industry
  • I thought it was difficult to finish a 25-minute class, but it seemed easy and time went so fast. I was doubtful about the OnePage system at first since I was not used to it.

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    S.O.・Hair & Makeup Artist
    S.O.・Hair & Makeup Artist, hair make
  • Not only the contents of the lesson but also the comments and advice for my English study are written which is convenient.

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    M.I.・Business Analyst・Nokia Japan
    M.I.・Business Analyst・Nokia Japan,
  • Thanks to you, I was able to pass my interview and got the position!

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    K.M.・Account Director
    K.M.・Account Director,
  • Preparing and reviewing OnePage is simple aside from the fact that it’s convenient because I can access the vocabulary and phrase book easily.

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    N.K.・College Student
    N.K.・College Student, studying towards a British graduate school from an Accent student
  • Having lessons at Accent, I notice my English improving. I think that this kind of quality is not provided by other large English conversation schools.

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    A.H.・Fuji Television
    A.H.・Fuji Television, Fuji TV press bureau duty
  • Even though the different kinds of lessons I tried before were fun, I still couldn’t find the confidence that I needed. Accent lessons are strict, but I realized that I need it as a student.

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    K.W.・ Foreign Affiliated Pharmaceutical Company
    K.W.・ Foreign Affiliated Pharmaceutical Company, foreign-affiliated drug industry
  • I’ve experienced attending leading English conversation school but what attracted me to attend this school is that they have reasonable prices.

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    A.Y.・Beauty Clinician
    A.Y.・Beauty Clinician, doctor
  • Since we don’t use English that much, I felt uneasy just thinking about the idea of being a student even before I started. Surprisingly, it was easy.The lessons are non-conventional, the classroom atmosphere is cozy and the lesson contents are in line with my current level of English.

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    Daisuke & Keiko・Husband and Wife・Yokohama
    Daisuke & Keiko・Husband and Wife・Yokohama,
  • I recommend this school to business people like me who has a high TOEIC score but with no confidence in speaking.

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    T.I.・Temporary Overseas Officer
    T.I.・Temporary Overseas Officer,
  • My TOEIC score result improved by 100 approximately four months after I took the lessons with Ryan who was able to grasp my weakness and provided ways to strengthen it completely.

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    Y.N.・System Engineer・Cisco Japan
    Y.N.・System Engineer・Cisco Japan, foreign-affiliated IT company duty
  • Only after a year I achieved remarkable results! I almost gave up working at this company but thanks to the lessons at Accent using different lesson techniques such as role-plays, I got better and smoother in my telephone conferences.

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    H.S.・Patent Attorney・US Pharmaceutical Company
    H.S.・Patent Attorney・US Pharmaceutical Company, foreign capital pharmaceutical company duty
  • Since the teachers are warm and supportive, little by little, my English communication skills improved.

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    Y.M.・Hairdresser / Owner・Warp Hair
    Y.M.・Hairdresser / Owner・Warp Hair, hair salon management
  • OnePage is very efficient since I can use the online dictionary at the same time. The expressions and grammar among other key points taught during the lesson are recorded and can be reviewed on the internet just by using a browser on my tablet.

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    K.I.・IT Consultant
    K.I.・IT Consultant, IT consultant
  • The OnePage system is divided into 6 parts and there is an evaluation at the end of the lesson. There are five categories of the evaluation and the average is calculated. Every change of skill becomes clear in just a glance.

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    S.T.・Real Estate Developer
    S.T.・Real Estate Developer, foreign-affiliated maker duty
  • Accent is flexible because they customize the lessons according to the student’s needs. We practice audio conferencing by role-playing, lessons with English articles and discuss news from around the world which is what I need while at the same time, having fun. Also, their fees are reasonable which makes me want to continue for a long time.

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    K.S.・Creative・Walt Disney Japan
    K.S.・Creative・Walt Disney Japan, foreign-affiliated finance duty
  • I can review my lesson notes and read the advice of my teacher about my good and bad points with a smartphone anytime through Accent’s OnePage system.

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    K.U.・Fashion Designer・Factotum
    K.U.・Fashion Designer・Factotum,

25 or 50 minutes. Cafe, home, office or classroom. Skype with teachers abroad or in Japan.

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