Be passionate. Be amazing. Be fun. Be an amazing Accent teacher.

We would like to invite you to become a passionate and amazing language teacher at Accent. Passionate by helping a person find a better quality of life through learning a language and amazing because as a professional language teacher, your lesson materials and methods are new, energising, creative, fun and inspirational, every lesson. These elements produce positive results in your clients.

We are different.

The biggest difference at Accent is the use of OnePage. An online learning tool which encourages good study habits by making it easier for clients to review and use the target language. Every clients’ language learning needs are different. Using OnePage enables the teacher to match each and every students’ topics of interest or learning goals to various lesson materials and methods available both on and off-line, which make OnePage a truly customisable learning and teaching tool. OnePage becomes the client’s living textbook.

At Accent we take the pain out of having your clients schedule a lesson and managing payments so that you can focus on what you do best, teach amazing lessons. These are the other differences. Our online scheduling system ensures that both teachers and clients receive timely notifications. Our online payments system ensures that no payments are missed and are properly accounted for. Philippine Online and Cafe Premium teachers can receive payments via PayPal daily.

At Accent, we are seeking teachers to teach in the following ways:

  1. If you live in Japan:
    1. In the classroom with Skype as an alternative.
    2. In cafes nearby train stations throughout Japan or the client’s office with Skype as an alternative.
  2. If you live outside Japan, on Skype.

How much do I get paid per lesson?

Teaching lesson per lesson gives you the flexibility to earn a supplementary income. The number of lessons you teach depends on student demand. Accent will do its best to generate new students however since demand for lessons will invariably fluctuate, please view teaching lesson per lesson as a way to supplement your main income. There are teachers who do get paid well for being passionate and teaching amazing lessons.

We offer very competitive rates for teachers teaching in Japan or from other countries. It really depends on how many hours you have taught along with any teaching qualifications you may have. Please apply for a teaching position here to find out more.

OJT - On the job training.

We deliver OJT either on Skype or in person. Over 4 sessions, teachers will learn and be trained in the following:

  • Teaching at Accent, our mission and goals.
  • Using the Accent Lesson Management System (ALMS).
  • Using OnePage.
  • Lesson observations.

The Application process is simple.

Just register your interest here and follow the directions sent to you via email in the lead up to the interview on Skype or in person.

We are looking forward to you joining Accent. Welcome. Please apply here