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With the IELTS test, I was able to get a best score of 6 so far.

I want to study about cultural assets preservation in a British graduate school, however an IELTS score of 6.5 is necessary. I have done English tests such as TOEFL or TOEIC, however, when I am at Accent and do IELTS one-to-one lesson, I notice that my score increases every lesson. Aside from their IELTS teaching materials, other means are used so I can speak English clearly in a collegiate setting. I think it is the speaking tasks which have increased my score. In the one-to-one classes I speak about different kinds of topics in role-plays I am able to practice and improve. I learn necessary vocabulary and expressions immediately. Although tasks such as asking as many questions as possible in a short amount of time is difficult, it really improves my English thinking and speaking skills. Although I usually take 25-minute lessons twice a week, I schedule the lessons according to my availability. It is sufficient for me to improve on my weak points effectively, especially doing role-plays, which gives me more confidence every time I practice with the teacher. I am able to overcome my weak points slowly and surely because of this. Preparing and reviewing using OnePage is simple aside from the fact that it's convenient because I can access the vocabulary and phrase book easily. I can also review before attending college and before the IELTS test just to improve my weak points. In my recent IELTS test, I was able to get a score of 6 so far. It was one step closer to getting the score of 6.5. I will continue taking lessons and gradually, I will improve.

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