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The Accent OnePage Web Report

A convenient way to review your lessons.

  • From My Phrase・OnePage, search in either English or Japanese for the lesson content.
  • Watch your progress charts, read your lesson comments and homework.
  • Listen to and shadow your lesson notes. Review key phrases and words.
  • Directly access OnePage from the Accent app icon or browser on any device.

The Accent OnePage

The OnePage system captures the English you need now to help you get into the habit of using it to become fluent.

  • Learn customised English for emailing, presentations or meetings.
  • Learn customised English for chat, commenting on SNS or everyday conversation.
  • Use it frequently, remember it easily through habit.
  • Learn English in the context of your situation which makes it easy to remember.
  • Accent OnePage can be used in conjunction with textbooks too for studying TOEIC or IELTS.
  • After every lesson, a PDF is sent to your email with a link to the OnePage web report.

Learning with OnePage

OnePage encourages learning using active recall along with many other vocabulary building tools.

  • Learn how words are pronounced in British and American English.
  • Learn grammar in context.
  • Upload your documents for homework and share with the teacher.
  • Automatically receive timely reminders. Increase the learning curve and decrease the forgetting curve.

Accent Method

The Accent Method is a learning method used in combination with the Accent OnePage. Developed over the past decade, the method is based on well researched principles which make learning more efficient, motivating, fun and effective.

Accent OnePage

この「生きた教科書」は、楽しく学べるロールプレイの会話、テキスト、画像、音声、動画、記事、日常会話やビジネス会話の台詞などを 組み合わせて、自由にカスタマイズできます。TOEIC、TOEFL、IELTSなどの試験対策にも効果的です。




アクティブリコールとは、あなた専用のレッスンノートの内容を「意識的に思い出そうとする」学習方法のこと。単に読んだり聞いたりするだけの受動的な方法とは違い、覚えたい単語やフレーズを自分自身に質問し、ノートを見ずに堂々と声に出して言うことで、記憶を 定着させます。



Accent Progress 英会話レベル

Accentでは、これまで10年以上にわたり、CEFR、IELTS、TOEIC、TOEFLといった英語運用能力を評価する有名な国際基準を研究し、「Accent Progress英会話レベル」を開発してきました。

Accent Progress Levels

To help our students improve their level of English ability, the Accent Progress Levels has 9 levels, 5 criteria and 5 ratings. Level 9 is the most basic level, 1 the most advanced. We have referred to internationally well known standards of English proficiency such as CEFR, IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL to develop the Accent Progress Levels over the past decade.

Our 5 criteria

communicative ability ( CA ), fluency and pronunciation ( F&P ), listening comprehension ( LC ), vocabulary ( V ), and grammar and accuracy ( G&A ) help to guide the teacher and student in selecting the right tasks at every lesson.

Our 5 ratings

5 the lowest and 1 the highest, assist the teacher in prioritizing which criteria needs to be improved. There are two ways to improve ratings. The teacher and student could focus on achieving the highest rating for each criteria, one after another - a vertical level up, or achieve a gradual, even improvement of ratings across all criteria simultaneously - a horizontal level up.